Keurig Cup eco-Happiness?

It looks like Keurig beat their 2020 date for offering an alternative to the disposable k-cup.  Keurig Green Mountain competitors had filled the market niche with reuse-able filters (some not worth their $19 price tag, some that worked amazingly well for their $5 price point), Keurig Green Mountain was fairly slow to come up with a reuse-able filter.  The viral video “Kill the K-Cup” made this painfully obvious in a hilarious homage to the early stop motion sci-fi movies- I’m fairly sure that there’s a k-cup Godzilla featured.

Is it too little, too late?

Well, apparently not.  Keurig Green Mountain is still leader of the pack in 2017 with $1.16 billion in sales.  So why release a reuse-able filter 2 years early?Statistic: Leading vendors of single-cup coffee in the United States in 2017, based on sales (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista

Well, people didn’t like it when they could only use Keurig made k-cups (the throw away kind).  As reported by the Washington Post online article in May of 2015, “Keurig’s K-Cup screw-up and how it K-pitulated to angry consumers”:

Sales of brewers and accessories declined by 23 percent, the company reported. Its stock price fell 10 percent in after hours trading.

So, they brought the My K-Cup back and it looks like sales are better than ever.

Kill the K-Cup

A Brewing Problem

K-Cup Screw Up

Original Godzilla trailer

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